ACWA Region 5 Spring Event

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ACWA Region 5 Spring Event - California Central Coast Program & Tour: The Montecito Debris Flow Response and Adapting to Changing Water Supplies 

California Central Coast Program & Tour: The Montecito Debris Flow Response and Adapting to Changing Water Supplies

Join ACWA Region 5 for a two-part program followed by a short tour. Montecito was ground zero for one of the worst debris flows in California history that was a result of a devastating wildfire followed by heavy rains. Part 1 of this program will focus on the Montecito Water District’s emergency response while simultaneously handling 300+ leaks and breaks in the MWD infrastructure. Additionally, they will discuss their lessons learned in responding to these emergencies as well coordinating with FEMA. Part 2 of the program will focus on the region’s efforts to adapt to a changing water supply with updates to the local urban water management plan focusing on the 2025 goal of being 15% dependent upon rain water resources and the other 85% being water recycling,  groundwater management, desalination, and water banking.

Upon program completion, attendees will have the opportunity to tour the City of Santa Barbara’s desalination facility that is supplying desalinated water to the city as well as neighboring areas.

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