2019 ACWA Region 4 Program & Tour

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ACWA Region 4 Program & Tour: Overcoming Obstacles of Habitat Restorations and Cache Slough

ACWA Region 4 invites you to a program highlighting how Yolo County is overcoming obstacles of habitat restoration and a boat tour of Cache Slough led by USGS and DWR. All registrants will enjoy lunch and a lively panel discussion. Panelist will cover a new partnership approach for managing the development and implementation of a multi-benefit water management programs in the Yolo Bypass and Cache Slough Region. Collectively, these projects benefit many of the actions identified in the 2014 California Water Action Plan. These partnerships are comprised of fifteen federal, state, and local agencies, working toward coequal management goals focusing on efficient integration and leveraging existing interagency interaction in the Yolo Bypass and Cache Slough region to overcome independent project obstacles.

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