ACWA Region 9 Tour & Program

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ACWA Region 9 Tour & Program: Securing Future Water Supplies & Cultivating The Next Generation of Water Professionals

ACWA Region 9 is one of California’s fastest developing areas and a reliable water supply is critical to the region’s continued prosperity.  Portions of the region are heavily dependent on northern Sierra imported water supplies, which have experienced a 50 percent average annual reduction in the last decade.  Combined with the challenge of an aging workforce, Region 9 water agencies continue their collaborative efforts to implement innovative new ways to meet the needs of water users.

This year’s annual event offers participants a tour the Lloyd W. Michael Water Treatment Plant which is one of the region’s most advanced water filtration facilities. Following the tour, there will be a panel discussion on innovative programs that will prepare the next generation of water industry professionals; and an opportunity to hear from and share thoughts with Jennifer Pierre, the General Manager for the State Water Contractors, regarding the future of reliable imported water supplies for the region.

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