Zooming Through California: Connecting ACWA Regions (Summer 2021)

Join us for ACWA's 2021 Virtual Region Event Series 

Zoom through California with ACWA Regions 1, 3, 5, and 8. This year’s virtual region event series will highlight a diverse range of local and regional water issues, as well as spotlight ACWA members’ efforts to build regional partnerships and implement innovative solutions at the local level. 

For a single registration fee, attendees will have the opportunity to view multiple region programs and hear from issue experts, elected officials, and water leaders from across the state. This unique opportunity will provide attendees insight into the statewide significance of emerging regional issues including developing regulations, drought conditions, and more.  


June 23 • Region 1

Regional Drought Impacts: How Well Managed Water Supplies Went Dry

Join us as we explore current drought conditions in the region. Panelists will share real impacts and stories from water users whose supplies went dry and discuss some of the collaborative mitigation efforts under way.


July 20 • Region 3

Understanding the Impacts of the California Air Resources Board’s Advanced Clean Fleets Rule

Hear member and industry stakeholder perspectives on CARB’s Advanced Clean Fleets Rule. Panelists will discuss challenges, funding, and support available for public water agencies in Region 3 and beyond.


August 19 • Region 5

Developments in Regional Water Management

Zoom through Region 5 as we spotlight two member agencies and learn about an emerging market in California. Panelists will dive into the state’s new water futures market answering: What is it? How does it operate? What are the implications for public water agencies? 


September 22 • Region 8

Innovation on the Colorado: Metropolitan’s Regional Recycled Water Program & Lower Basin Drought Resilience

Metropolitan’s proposed Regional Recycled Water Program (RRWP) presents an innovative opportunity that reflects the kind of creativity needed to both increase supplies and draw down demands on the Colorado River. Learn about how partnerships with the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Central Arizona Project can help improve Colorado River sustainability and benefit Lower Basin States.

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